11D Productions is a Tv & Film company founded by writer/director/producer Amir Simyar. Amir has a bachelor's degree in Tv/Film and a master's degree in Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Medicine). I attended the institute of audio reserach in New York where I learned post production, as a I graduated as an honor roll student. I have been featured in Magazines such as Javanan Magazine (Los Angeles), The Tehran Weekly Magazine (Los Angeles) as well as XXL (New York).


My animated Tv show Kex & Kola In The Big City (The Magical Story of a Clean Sewer) for kids ages 6-12, was executive produced, written, directed and produced by me. The same show will be produced in larger episodes of 26 x 11 minutes in the future.


Since the successful release of Kex & Kola In The Big City on youtube, each episode has had more than 500K views.